About Us

A little about our founder, the company and how it works!

Our Founder

During the day, Adilah Zalzala-Hickman is a special education teacher to many little ones. During the evening she is a full-time wife, and mother to three boys.  Adilah keeps busy with football and soccer games, karate tournaments, club scout activities and more.  Creating soccer mom t-shirts, team and teacher gifts inspired the idea for OneZee Me---and the rest is history 

About the Team 

OneZee Me is a family affair. We are a small team but very passionate about simplifying life for new parents. OneZee Me was created to decrease mall runs and time spent browsing website after website all day and night for special onesies. Our team understands time is crucial, and babies grow up in a blink of an eye. 

How it Works

Before purchasing, you will take a short and simple survey,  which allows our team to develop a profile just for your baby. Based on your survey, our team will create on trend designs for your baby's onesies.